Andrew Murdock is a New York-based artist. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design customizing his own dual major within the Sculpture and FAV (Film, Animation, Video) departments. He has explored a wide variety of art forms including sculpture, installation, video, animation, set design, and acting but has found a home primarily working with puppets. This passion has lead him to further studies in Prague, Czech Republic and Bali, Indonesia.

His fascination in puppetry lies in the performed puppet fluctuating from being perceived as alive and as a fabricated object. This allows puppets to do things both familiar to us and extend far beyond the possibilities of a live performer. This fluctuation is also what attracts him to the theater in general, where the imagination of the audience is celebrated and encouraged. He seeks to integrate puppetry more into theater and create dynamic interactions between puppets, actors, props, set, and the audience.


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